Cell Phone Repair

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Whether it’s a broken screen or a software issue, we can help with most mobile devices. We offer the following services:

-Screen Replacement
-Software Troubleshooting
-iCloud Troubleshooting
-iOS Support
-Battery Replacement
-Back Glass Replacement

iPhone Screen Repair

We specialize in iOS software and screen repair. We can replace the screen on any of the following models:

-iPhone 6 Family
-iPhone SE (1st Gen)
-iPhone 7
-iPhone 7+
-iPhone 8
-iPhone 8+
-iPhone X Family
-iPhone 11 Family
-iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
-iPhone 12 Family

Android Screen Repair

Due to the complex builds of most Samsung devices, we do not offer screen replacement on most devices. The screens are incredibly expensive, and the phones themselves are very difficult to repair. Most of the time it ends up being more cost effective for the customer to just buy a new device. We recommend to all of our Android customers that they purchase insurance along with their devices. That being said, we are happy to look up your device on a case by case basis.

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